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The last few months have been busy for Theresa. She has spent a lot of time at George Mason University to stay on top of the transformation in healthcare marketing.

Theresa said, “Healthcare practices are slowly getting on board with the  tools to help bridge the communication gap between doctor and patient.”

Interactive websites, social media, and community outreach programs are options available for doctors to merge into their practices.

Theresa said,  ” Mason offers exciting courses in the Communication discipline to challenge business professionals. Continuing education is important, especially in healthcare.  It is also a good idea to keep your mind stimulated.  A healthy mind fuels a healthy lifestyle.”

Mason’s Media Relations sat down with Theresa recently to discuss the opportunities in adult education:

A frigid night in Time Square left a homeless man shivering in the
street with blistered bare feet on Nov. 14.  NYPD Officer Larry DePrimo,
25 went into a nearby Skechers store and bought him a new pair of
socks and all-weather boots.  Skechers gave him a discount.  The image
went viral — a random act of kindness from one fine young man.
Click here for NBC LA‘s story >>> http://4.nbcla.com/SwyUMv
ny cop and feet
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[View the story “Fiscal cliff impact on healthcare” on Storify]

Fiscal cliff impact on healthcare

What will be the impact of the looming fiscal cliff on healthcare?

Storified by · Tue, Nov 13 2012 11:19:37

The “fiscal cliff” is looming in the news as December 31, 2012 closes in on the country.  Healthcare is bracing for the decisions and compromises in the government.  The Medicare cut of 27% to doctor’s payments is a big worry.  However, doctors are hoping that a final decision will not hit them like a boulder. 
RPT-US Congress created this cliff and may now plunge off itWASHINGTON, Nov 11 (Reuters) – The "fiscal cliff," a metaphor drawn from nature, was actually created by members of the U.S. Co…
As Congress Ponders Spending Cuts, Health Care Industry, Advocates Urge …As the election fades into the rearview mirror and attention turns more seriously toward the looming "fiscal cliff," lobbyists …
How to Play the 'Fiscal Cliff'Even if the fiscal cliff is averted, investors will need to keep close watch on Washington in 2013. Presidential policies like the Afford…
Fiscal Cliff Talks Leave Hospitals Wondering3, 2013, has become a major deadline for the entire country as President Barack Obama and leaders in Congress try to avert the "fisc…


Thank you for all of your service to our country on this Veteran’s Day!

A run to the election poll center can offer a colorful display of signs.  Volunteers hop around in their designated areas near the entrance.  The long lines of citizens were excited to cast their vote for the next President of the United States.
Voting in Virginia was an effortless action.  I have always been amused at all the hoopla surrounding voting conspiracies involving fraud.  In Virginia, we show our driver’s license and vote.  Can’t get any easier than that.

My pooch, Penny, doesn’t get it.  Saturday is my day off.  However, Penny is my daily reminder to get off my duff and move.  Sometimes, I also need that song to rev me up.  I know it is lame but, C&C Music FactoryGonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now), sends me on my way down the road — with Penny.  Leash, iPhone, H2O, let’s go.

I took a poll on Facebook, Twitter, and by text and asked, “Name your favorite song to get you off your duff.”

Here are some favorite songs from around the world:

Colby, 2, South Carolina:  “Jump'” by Kris Kross

Crystalyn, 12, Virginia: “Dynamite,” by Taio Cruz

Jillian, 18, Virginia: “Remember the Name,” by Fort Minor

Erin, 41, Virginia: “Baby Got Back

Laura, 17: Virginia: “Turbulence,” Steve Aoki

Kat, 19, in South Africa: “Newest Zeds Dead Mix”

Erica, 19, Virginia: “Fergalicious,” by Fergie

Wendy, from Trinidad: David Rudder

Natalie, 20, Alaska: “I Can’t Stop,” by Flux Pavilion

Lisa, New York: “Turn It on Again,” by Genesis

Alli, 25, NYC: “Real Is a Feeling,” by Pictureplane

Signe, 23, NYC: “Pump Up the Jam,” by Techotronic

George, Jen, and Jimmy, 50’s, Maryland natives:

“Vertigo,” by U2,

“Hell Yeah,” by Montgomery Gentry,

Life is a Highway,” by Rascal Flats

Great mixture of tunes to add to a songs list.

How about you?  What is your favorite song to get you off your duff?

I run.  I don’t like to run. I have to get psyched to run.  To me, running is the toughest exercise of them all.  Sure there are extreme sports like snowboarding and mountain biking, but running is convenient and has a lower risk of  broken limbs.

My brother-in-law said, “Running is 10 percent legs, 10 percent lungs, and 80 percent brains.”  I have to agree with him.

Here are my 5  tips to get psyched to run:

1.  Dress for the occasion — this is a long tip.  

Select pants or shorts that let you move.  My husband prefers polyester.  I am a cotton girl.

If you jiggle, tight spandex pants will hold everything in place.

Ladies: Wear the tightest sports bra possible to eliminate excessive bounce.  The control will help you have a more comfortable run.

Slip on cotton socks and underwear to allow your skin to get some air.

Wear sturdy running shoes.

2. Stretch.

The warm up period with bends and stretches will help put you in the mood to run. Here are some stretches from Runner’s World:

3. Food.

I like to chew on gum or eat sugar-free hard candy when I run.  It could be a choke hazard, but I it helps me finish.

4.  Network.

Friends, family, and running buddies can share in your experiences to keep you motivated.  My husband sends a text with pictures and his running times to his group.   The kids call it Tarzan texting.

5. Music.

Set your iPod to the beat that gets you moving.  Many people can run without music; not me.  Races are tough when iPods are banned.  My husband can do it.  It is known to be safer to run without music so you hear your surroundings — especially traffic.

Alert: Last resort – step on a scale or stand in front of a full mirror in your underwear.  If that scares you,  focus on the fact that you will feel great when you are finished running and will be on the road to looking better.

How do you get psyched to run?

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