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The evolution of Hurricane Sandy.  My daughter in New York City sent me this shot.  She said the Big Apple is bracing for the storm with an attitude.  Stay safe.

I never had a fear of escalators — until recently. I was riding down one at Union Station, DC with a group of people.  Suddenly, a girl fell at the bottom because her shoe was sucked under the tracks.  The fall caused a chain reaction of falls ending up in a big pile up.  I was the next potential victim!  

No one in the mangled mess could get up to hit the emergency stop button in front of the escalator.

I turned and sprinted up the descending escalator with a mob coming down at me.  Talk about a work out!  Thankfully, someone finally hit the emergency stop button.

A few minutes later the crowd emerged from the pile up with cuts, scrapes, and ripped clothes and shoes.  The girl had a mauled shoe and some cuts. One woman, on the bottom of the heap,  had her shirt caught in the track.  The skin on her back was shredded from the constant clawing blades.   

Good Housekeeping reports that shoes, such as Crocs, can cause this type of mishap if the soft plastic is pulled into the tracks.  Loose shoelaces and improper riding while goofing off can also cause injury.  

Small children must be accompanied with a responsible party while riding an escalator.  Be careful and watch you step, especially when entering and exiting.  

Watch out while wearing Crocs on an escalator:

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