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A run to the election poll center can offer a colorful display of signs.  Volunteers hop around in their designated areas near the entrance.  The long lines of citizens were excited to cast their vote for the next President of the United States.
Voting in Virginia was an effortless action.  I have always been amused at all the hoopla surrounding voting conspiracies involving fraud.  In Virginia, we show our driver’s license and vote.  Can’t get any easier than that.


Game faces

Ready to rock

Approximately 17,000 from all 50 states attended the Rock – n – Roll Savannah Marathon

The beat was on as the Ellis brothers and fellow warriors stomped down the streets of Savannah to “Just Dance” by Lady Gaga.  The Rock – n – Roll Savannah Marathon was in full force on November 3rd as runners whipped through the Spanish moss of the live oaks lining the roads and squares.

Music echoed every mile marker to energize the die-hard athletes to reach the end of the journey. The highlight for many marathon participants was the looping through the cheers and cadence tunes of the Savannah State University stadium.  Savannah College of Art  and Design (SCAD) drumline forced a jiggle in the pace of the course in the streets.

But the party started at the Forsythe Park finish line with faces of exhaustion
and elation.  Adelitas Way played on the big stage as brew flowed through the crowd of jubilant athletes.

Commerce hummed as runners crowded the shops, pubs, and eateries. Savannah is an elevated city preserved in history with views of the Savannah River.

Moon River Brewery, the city’s only micro-brewery, supplied beer to carry to the river to watch tug boats, freighters, and ferries. We climbed the slate steps to the Pirate’s House for awesome grub of mouth-watering steaks and
succulent scallops.

The Pirate’s House restaurant was built in 1754

Conversation after the race was focused on data as the dazed and confused
brothers reminisced and planned for their next race. There was buzz about the 2013 Ironman World Championship, a combination of  a 2.5 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and a marathon in Hawaii.
What are your favorite cities for running events?

Mission accomplished with personal records for both brothers: 4:12 and 4:14.


The Savannah Marathon’s official start is Saturday, October 3rd at 8:00 a.m with a view of the Savannah River. Today runners arrived by plane, car, and foot to grab their packets and bibs. The chatter in lines and during their high carb meals were New York — especially the cancelled marathon.





Most agreed with the decision but thought it should have been announced earlier than today. The late decision resulted in disappointment to runners, but the area’s hurricane victims have much bigger disappointments.

The loss and suffering is immense. I have a daughter in New York who is actively participating in relocating senior citizens to safe conditions. My son drove to NY with a relief team to help the area. We called in donations for assistance.

Savannah’s run will go on, but one thing is for sure, New York will be on many minds.


Feet take a beating!  High heels and the pounding on the ground from running can cause feet to look bad and ache. One ailment, a hammer toe, caused me some discomfort a few years ago. It stalled my whole running program.

What is a hammer toe?

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, the hammer toe looks like an upside-down V from the side.  This toe pop up can rub on your footwear, causing discomfort.

Some causes:

1. If your parents have them; you can thank them.

2.  Wearing shoes that are too tight and squeeze the toes.  Watch out ballerinas!

3.  Arthritis and stiffness.

Some symptoms:

1.  Corns or thick skin on the part that pops up.

2.  Redness and swelling.

Home treatment:

1.  Pad around the part that pops up takes some pressure off the toe.

2.  Wear shoes that are loose-fitting with a deep toe box.

3.   Try wearing a shoe insert that can be purchased in a pharmacy foot section.

4.  Apply ice packs to the area several times a day.

These home treatments may help with the pain.  Go see a foot specialist — a podiatrist — if you want the hammer toe repaired.  These docs can prescribe medicines, custom shoe inserts, and perform surgery if absolutely necessary to help get you back into running.

Katie Holmes has been dancing on stage for years.  That could explain her hammer toes.

To solve my problem, I bought shoes that were loose-fitting in the toe box and added inserts.  So far, so good.

Did you ever suffer with a hammer toe?  What happened?

My pooch, Penny, doesn’t get it.  Saturday is my day off.  However, Penny is my daily reminder to get off my duff and move.  Sometimes, I also need that song to rev me up.  I know it is lame but, C&C Music FactoryGonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now), sends me on my way down the road — with Penny.  Leash, iPhone, H2O, let’s go.

I took a poll on Facebook, Twitter, and by text and asked, “Name your favorite song to get you off your duff.”

Here are some favorite songs from around the world:

Colby, 2, South Carolina:  “Jump'” by Kris Kross

Crystalyn, 12, Virginia: “Dynamite,” by Taio Cruz

Jillian, 18, Virginia: “Remember the Name,” by Fort Minor

Erin, 41, Virginia: “Baby Got Back

Laura, 17: Virginia: “Turbulence,” Steve Aoki

Kat, 19, in South Africa: “Newest Zeds Dead Mix”

Erica, 19, Virginia: “Fergalicious,” by Fergie

Wendy, from Trinidad: David Rudder

Natalie, 20, Alaska: “I Can’t Stop,” by Flux Pavilion

Lisa, New York: “Turn It on Again,” by Genesis

Alli, 25, NYC: “Real Is a Feeling,” by Pictureplane

Signe, 23, NYC: “Pump Up the Jam,” by Techotronic

George, Jen, and Jimmy, 50’s, Maryland natives:

“Vertigo,” by U2,

“Hell Yeah,” by Montgomery Gentry,

Life is a Highway,” by Rascal Flats

Great mixture of tunes to add to a songs list.

How about you?  What is your favorite song to get you off your duff?

The November 3, 2012 Rock ‘n’ Roll  Marathon in Savannah, Ga.  is getting closer.  My husband, who is training for the event, is starting to do strange things — like running in the middle of the night.  He is cruising on country roads alarming curious farm animals.   I asked him to write me a guest blog to get into his head about this odd behavior.  Turns out it is not too odd — it’s actually normal for the preparation of a 26 mile race.

George Ellis, guest blogger who is training for the big M:

This past Sunday, I woke up at 4AM and quietly slipped out of my warm bed.  I put on my running shirt, running shorts, running shoes, running watch, my running hat (backwards) and strapped on my iPod.  After letting the dogs out, I ate a banana and a peanut butter sandwich, grabbed my water bottle, kissed my sleeping wife goodbye and hit the streets for a 20 mile run.  This is marathon training.

In four short weeks, my brother and I will toe the line at the Roll ‘n’ Roll Marathon in Savannah, GA.  Both of us are experienced runners and both have run marathons.  But we both know that to run the 26.2 mile distance, you need to prepare your body and your soul.

As many accomplished athletes have said “you can jump from the couch to a 10K, a 10 miler, even a half marathon.  But a marathon?  You can’t just call that one in!”

I can’t really say exactly why long training runs are necessary before an actual marathon, but I know it’s important for me to find my marathon pace.  It’ also important to know the size of my gas tank and what fuel works best.  Once determined, I change nothing.

This particular run started in the early morning darkness, so I found it easy to keep one foot on the break, running even and patient.  Running long distances helps me find that realistic rhythm that keeps me, well, running.

Extreme color on running shoes are lining the shelves of stores across the world.   Runners wearing the crazy colors are as bright as a psychedelic rainbow or stick out like a sore thumb.

The consensus is mixed on the yellows, greens, blues, and oranges that catch your eye.

The Running Store, Gainesville, VA reports that:

1.  School kids love them

2. The fun 30-40 year olds like them

3. The over 40 crowd shy away from them

Nike, Saucony, and Asics are popular brands that are popping with color.  New Balance is more conservative with the traditional, blacks, grays, and whites, with an occasional splash of brightness.

Neon, glow in the dark, and reflective accents are safer for running, however some people find them distracting.

About two years ago, my daughter, who works in the fashion industry of New York City, told me that the neon was coming.  NYC can start the trends that may take years to hit the rest of the world.  

Well it’s finally hit the rest of the world.  The London 2012 Olympic Games displayed the hot fashion in the summer.

I hate to admit that I prefer the white shoes with just a tiny hint of color.  My daughter would call me boring.  

What do you think of the bright and neon colors of running shoes? 

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