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Kat working with the elephants in South Africa at Knysna Elephant Park

My hippie, vegan, Biology major, animal-hugging college daughter, Kat, shared the song and video below. She posted it to me to listen to when I study (read and work). We are both college students at the moment.

Kat went to the Kynsna Elephant Park, South Africa, one summer with an organization called Personal Overseas Development (POD).  It was the best experience in her life and fueled her passion to be involved in conservation studies.

Her goal is to save the planet, especially the animals. My goal is to keep my healthcare business humming to help fund her goal to save the planet.

What do you think of this “calming” tune?  Any other suggestions?


My pooch, Penny, doesn’t get it.  Saturday is my day off.  However, Penny is my daily reminder to get off my duff and move.  Sometimes, I also need that song to rev me up.  I know it is lame but, C&C Music FactoryGonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now), sends me on my way down the road — with Penny.  Leash, iPhone, H2O, let’s go.

I took a poll on Facebook, Twitter, and by text and asked, “Name your favorite song to get you off your duff.”

Here are some favorite songs from around the world:

Colby, 2, South Carolina:  “Jump'” by Kris Kross

Crystalyn, 12, Virginia: “Dynamite,” by Taio Cruz

Jillian, 18, Virginia: “Remember the Name,” by Fort Minor

Erin, 41, Virginia: “Baby Got Back

Laura, 17: Virginia: “Turbulence,” Steve Aoki

Kat, 19, in South Africa: “Newest Zeds Dead Mix”

Erica, 19, Virginia: “Fergalicious,” by Fergie

Wendy, from Trinidad: David Rudder

Natalie, 20, Alaska: “I Can’t Stop,” by Flux Pavilion

Lisa, New York: “Turn It on Again,” by Genesis

Alli, 25, NYC: “Real Is a Feeling,” by Pictureplane

Signe, 23, NYC: “Pump Up the Jam,” by Techotronic

George, Jen, and Jimmy, 50’s, Maryland natives:

“Vertigo,” by U2,

“Hell Yeah,” by Montgomery Gentry,

Life is a Highway,” by Rascal Flats

Great mixture of tunes to add to a songs list.

How about you?  What is your favorite song to get you off your duff?

A family wedding I attended a few days ago was a tear-jerker and a blast! 

The ceremony started as joyous with a hint of sadness.  The bride’s dad, my uncle, had passed away a few years ago. His absence was sorely missed. He wasn’t there to walk his beautiful daughter down the aisle. 

Her dad was a Led Zeppelen fanatic. 

After the wedding ceremony, the music was cranked up and the tears dried up.  Music can transform a mood in a single beat.   Music therapy is real and effective.  The September 28, 2011 Psychology Today notes that music is engaging.  Music is for moving and soothing.

In events, such an my recent family wedding, music can change the entire atmosphere. 


Zeppelen’s top 15 songs are not too lovey-dovey, however, the memory of the bride’s dad tapping his foot to their tunes brought the house down.  Rock on.

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