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It’s hard to face the future.  Aging and retirement seems like a distant future, however it creeps up on us.

Merrill Edge, the brokerage arm for Bank of America has a new app that will age you to put you into retirement planning mode.  I tried the app and it scared me.  I am not a botox-plastic surgery kinda girl, but maybe I should consider it for the future after seeing myself at age 87.  Ugh!


Meet the future you

Theresa Coates Age 87


The holidays are coming, the holidays are coming — and so are the goodies and drinking that can add 10 pounds to your scale in a weekend party.

But how to keep it off? Be strong and avoid the sugary, fatty foods that will just accumulate on your waist, hips, and bottom. The booze is loaded with calories as well. Buffets are always plentiful in the upcoming season of good tidings of joy.

Try to avoid anything white — sugar, flour, pasta, bread, rice — and stick with color, that is, veggies and fruits (not chocolate and cookies). Drink 8 glasses of water a day and if you must have a spiked eggnog or champagne toast, have a small glass and sip throughout the night. Moderation may keep you safe as well.

If you slip and indulge too much, do extra exercise. Hit the gym, take a class, or go out and dance the night away:
ElfYourself by OfficeMax – JibJab

jeff hillman bballThe media was buzzing about Jeff Hillman, the New York City homeless man who resurfaced without shoes — again.  Larry DePrimo, a kind New York City policeman,  bought Hillman socks and new boots on November 14th. 
 But once again – Hillman was in bare feet.  He said that he hid the boots because they were expensive.  Unfortunately, the feet are suffering from the frigid weather. 
Reports said that Hillman is, in fact, not homeless.  He has an apartment in the New York area and his family said that he chooses this lifestyle on the streets.   
Hillman was not always seeking a boot hand-out.  He attended South Plainfield High School, NJ and graduated in 1976.  Hillman (#21) played on the basketball team as pictured in yearbook.  He was a master at dribbling.  
It is unfortunate that an individual can resort to such a sad state of life.  The New York police officer performed an admirable deed that happened to be caught by a tourist photo.   Some people think the officer was conned.  The boots may be hidden — or sold, but I am sure other kind-hearted people will give Hillman more assistance without the flash of a camera.       
A frigid night in Time Square left a homeless man shivering in the
street with blistered bare feet on Nov. 14.  NYPD Officer Larry DePrimo,
25 went into a nearby Skechers store and bought him a new pair of
socks and all-weather boots.  Skechers gave him a discount.  The image
went viral — a random act of kindness from one fine young man.
Click here for NBC LA‘s story >>> http://4.nbcla.com/SwyUMv
ny cop and feet
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This week’s announcement that Hostess Brands is filing for bankruptcy is filling me with mixed emotions.
Ho Hos, Twinkies, Dolly Madison, Drake’s and Eddy’s are basically junk food. I found it funny that a 1970 era commercial for Ho Hos emphasized that they were fortified with vitamins and iron. Maybe that’s why my mom stuck them in my school lunchbox back in the 70s.

Today we are smarter consumers. A diet with Twinkies and Ho Hos would do nothing but add a spare tire to our waist. Even though saying farewell to the nostalgic snack giant, founded in 1930, is better for our health, it is sad to see 18,500 jobs being lost.

Internet addiction is a serious matter. Time management skills are important for people like you, your spouse, your children, your parents, your grandparents, your co-workers and everyone to enjoy life — with each other. This video on isolation hits home to many people all over the world.

I cut off the internet and cable TV for six months this year. Internet isolation had set in and was destroying the family unit.

One day in March, I just did it.  Cancelled everything.  We have seven children, ages 17 to 31. At the time, only four called our house their home. They were, to say the least, not happy. But I am the parent and I pay the bills.

During that six months, they complained of boredom. With that said, everyone got a job and became active outside in sports or exercise. We meet for dinner and discussed our daily life. We went to church, events, and talked to each other. We became happy, healthy and connected — to each other.

In September, I turned the internet and cable back on again because their education and jobs required it.  But when it came back on, it wasn’t as important. It was a tool — not their social life. They were busy doing other things.


The Savannah Marathon’s official start is Saturday, October 3rd at 8:00 a.m with a view of the Savannah River. Today runners arrived by plane, car, and foot to grab their packets and bibs. The chatter in lines and during their high carb meals were New York — especially the cancelled marathon.





Most agreed with the decision but thought it should have been announced earlier than today. The late decision resulted in disappointment to runners, but the area’s hurricane victims have much bigger disappointments.

The loss and suffering is immense. I have a daughter in New York who is actively participating in relocating senior citizens to safe conditions. My son drove to NY with a relief team to help the area. We called in donations for assistance.

Savannah’s run will go on, but one thing is for sure, New York will be on many minds.


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