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Bull Run Foot Clinic Staff

The Bull Run Foot Clinic has always opened its doors to the young adults looking for opportunities in the medical and business industry. Eager students may find paid internships or part-time work if they visit their area healthcare clinics.

Tina, a Pre-Med student at James Madison University, works in the Bull Run Foot Clinic during every school break. Nursing, Biology, Psychology, Dental, and even Marketing students, have all raced up and down the halls of the clinics absorbing any knowledge for the future career.

Doctors and administrators encourage these students to take advantage of the experience and enjoy watching these students blossom in life.



The last few months have been busy for Theresa. She has spent a lot of time at George Mason University to stay on top of the transformation in healthcare marketing.

Theresa said, “Healthcare practices are slowly getting on board with the  tools to help bridge the communication gap between doctor and patient.”

Interactive websites, social media, and community outreach programs are options available for doctors to merge into their practices.

Theresa said,  ” Mason offers exciting courses in the Communication discipline to challenge business professionals. Continuing education is important, especially in healthcare.  It is also a good idea to keep your mind stimulated.  A healthy mind fuels a healthy lifestyle.”

Mason’s Media Relations sat down with Theresa recently to discuss the opportunities in adult education:

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Bull Run Foot Clinic Staff

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