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A frigid night in Time Square left a homeless man shivering in the
street with blistered bare feet on Nov. 14.  NYPD Officer Larry DePrimo,
25 went into a nearby Skechers store and bought him a new pair of
socks and all-weather boots.  Skechers gave him a discount.  The image
went viral — a random act of kindness from one fine young man.
Click here for NBC LA‘s story >>> http://4.nbcla.com/SwyUMv
ny cop and feet
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This week’s announcement that Hostess Brands is filing for bankruptcy is filling me with mixed emotions.
Ho Hos, Twinkies, Dolly Madison, Drake’s and Eddy’s are basically junk food. I found it funny that a 1970 era commercial for Ho Hos emphasized that they were fortified with vitamins and iron. Maybe that’s why my mom stuck them in my school lunchbox back in the 70s.

Today we are smarter consumers. A diet with Twinkies and Ho Hos would do nothing but add a spare tire to our waist. Even though saying farewell to the nostalgic snack giant, founded in 1930, is better for our health, it is sad to see 18,500 jobs being lost.

Kat working with the elephants in South Africa at Knysna Elephant Park

My hippie, vegan, Biology major, animal-hugging college daughter, Kat, shared the song and video below. She posted it to me to listen to when I study (read and work). We are both college students at the moment.

Kat went to the Kynsna Elephant Park, South Africa, one summer with an organization called Personal Overseas Development (POD).  It was the best experience in her life and fueled her passion to be involved in conservation studies.

Her goal is to save the planet, especially the animals. My goal is to keep my healthcare business humming to help fund her goal to save the planet.

What do you think of this “calming” tune?  Any other suggestions?

[View the story “Fiscal cliff impact on healthcare” on Storify]

Fiscal cliff impact on healthcare

What will be the impact of the looming fiscal cliff on healthcare?

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The “fiscal cliff” is looming in the news as December 31, 2012 closes in on the country.  Healthcare is bracing for the decisions and compromises in the government.  The Medicare cut of 27% to doctor’s payments is a big worry.  However, doctors are hoping that a final decision will not hit them like a boulder. 
RPT-US Congress created this cliff and may now plunge off itWASHINGTON, Nov 11 (Reuters) – The "fiscal cliff," a metaphor drawn from nature, was actually created by members of the U.S. Co…
As Congress Ponders Spending Cuts, Health Care Industry, Advocates Urge …As the election fades into the rearview mirror and attention turns more seriously toward the looming "fiscal cliff," lobbyists …
How to Play the 'Fiscal Cliff'Even if the fiscal cliff is averted, investors will need to keep close watch on Washington in 2013. Presidential policies like the Afford…
Fiscal Cliff Talks Leave Hospitals Wondering3, 2013, has become a major deadline for the entire country as President Barack Obama and leaders in Congress try to avert the "fisc…


Thank you for all of your service to our country on this Veteran’s Day!

Internet addiction is a serious matter. Time management skills are important for people like you, your spouse, your children, your parents, your grandparents, your co-workers and everyone to enjoy life — with each other. This video on isolation hits home to many people all over the world.

I cut off the internet and cable TV for six months this year. Internet isolation had set in and was destroying the family unit.

One day in March, I just did it.  Cancelled everything.  We have seven children, ages 17 to 31. At the time, only four called our house their home. They were, to say the least, not happy. But I am the parent and I pay the bills.

During that six months, they complained of boredom. With that said, everyone got a job and became active outside in sports or exercise. We meet for dinner and discussed our daily life. We went to church, events, and talked to each other. We became happy, healthy and connected — to each other.

In September, I turned the internet and cable back on again because their education and jobs required it.  But when it came back on, it wasn’t as important. It was a tool — not their social life. They were busy doing other things.

A run to the election poll center can offer a colorful display of signs.  Volunteers hop around in their designated areas near the entrance.  The long lines of citizens were excited to cast their vote for the next President of the United States.
Voting in Virginia was an effortless action.  I have always been amused at all the hoopla surrounding voting conspiracies involving fraud.  In Virginia, we show our driver’s license and vote.  Can’t get any easier than that.

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