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Extreme color on running shoes are lining the shelves of stores across the world.   Runners wearing the crazy colors are as bright as a psychedelic rainbow or stick out like a sore thumb.

The consensus is mixed on the yellows, greens, blues, and oranges that catch your eye.

The Running Store, Gainesville, VA reports that:

1.  School kids love them

2. The fun 30-40 year olds like them

3. The over 40 crowd shy away from them

Nike, Saucony, and Asics are popular brands that are popping with color.  New Balance is more conservative with the traditional, blacks, grays, and whites, with an occasional splash of brightness.

Neon, glow in the dark, and reflective accents are safer for running, however some people find them distracting.

About two years ago, my daughter, who works in the fashion industry of New York City, told me that the neon was coming.  NYC can start the trends that may take years to hit the rest of the world.  

Well it’s finally hit the rest of the world.  The London 2012 Olympic Games displayed the hot fashion in the summer.

I hate to admit that I prefer the white shoes with just a tiny hint of color.  My daughter would call me boring.  

What do you think of the bright and neon colors of running shoes? 


A family wedding I attended a few days ago was a tear-jerker and a blast! 

The ceremony started as joyous with a hint of sadness.  The bride’s dad, my uncle, had passed away a few years ago. His absence was sorely missed. He wasn’t there to walk his beautiful daughter down the aisle. 

Her dad was a Led Zeppelen fanatic. 

After the wedding ceremony, the music was cranked up and the tears dried up.  Music can transform a mood in a single beat.   Music therapy is real and effective.  The September 28, 2011 Psychology Today notes that music is engaging.  Music is for moving and soothing.

In events, such an my recent family wedding, music can change the entire atmosphere. 


Zeppelen’s top 15 songs are not too lovey-dovey, however, the memory of the bride’s dad tapping his foot to their tunes brought the house down.  Rock on.

I run.  I don’t like to run. I have to get psyched to run.  To me, running is the toughest exercise of them all.  Sure there are extreme sports like snowboarding and mountain biking, but running is convenient and has a lower risk of  broken limbs.

My brother-in-law said, “Running is 10 percent legs, 10 percent lungs, and 80 percent brains.”  I have to agree with him.

Here are my 5  tips to get psyched to run:

1.  Dress for the occasion — this is a long tip.  

Select pants or shorts that let you move.  My husband prefers polyester.  I am a cotton girl.

If you jiggle, tight spandex pants will hold everything in place.

Ladies: Wear the tightest sports bra possible to eliminate excessive bounce.  The control will help you have a more comfortable run.

Slip on cotton socks and underwear to allow your skin to get some air.

Wear sturdy running shoes.

2. Stretch.

The warm up period with bends and stretches will help put you in the mood to run. Here are some stretches from Runner’s World:

3. Food.

I like to chew on gum or eat sugar-free hard candy when I run.  It could be a choke hazard, but I it helps me finish.

4.  Network.

Friends, family, and running buddies can share in your experiences to keep you motivated.  My husband sends a text with pictures and his running times to his group.   The kids call it Tarzan texting.

5. Music.

Set your iPod to the beat that gets you moving.  Many people can run without music; not me.  Races are tough when iPods are banned.  My husband can do it.  It is known to be safer to run without music so you hear your surroundings — especially traffic.

Alert: Last resort – step on a scale or stand in front of a full mirror in your underwear.  If that scares you,  focus on the fact that you will feel great when you are finished running and will be on the road to looking better.

How do you get psyched to run?

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New York City’s Board of Health has approved a ban on sugary drinks. But how sugary is sugary? 

The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that a sugary drink  is any sweetened drink with more than 25 calories per 8 fluid ounces.  If the drink contains 51 percent milk or milk substitute, it is allowable. 

Fast food joints, theatres, and work cafeterias will be targeted in 6 months, however supermarkets and convenience stores are exempt.  The Big Gulp has been spared!   

Diet sodas, shakes, and the venti latte are still being served.    

Mayor Michael Bloomberg proposed the regulation in the spring. 

Thursday Bloomberg’s twitter feed tweeted, “NYC’s new sugary drink policy is the single biggest step any government has taken to curb obesity. It will help save lives.”

Alli Coates, 25, New York City, said, “I don’t even drink soda, but it’s bizarre.” 

She said there has been a lot of buzz about the topic.   What is next on the list?  Junior’s Cheesecake? Brooklyn‘s finest cheesy pizza? Or how about the good ol hot dog at the corner vendor cart?”    

Healthy eating and drinking are good choices, however, who should choose what diet we implement in our life?

Sponsors from Gatorade to the American Cancer Society display their support — and advertisements — on the banners of  top marathons. 

The grueling 26 mile race can offer amazing marketing opportunities for companies and organizations.  The Boston Marathon reported 26,655 registered runners with 500,000 spectators in 2012.  

Here is a list of some top 5 marathons, upcoming dates,  and their top sponsors:

1.  Boston Marathon, Boston, Massachusetts,

     April 15, 2013 — the cream of the crop.  Sets the

     standard for most marathons. 

2013 Boston Marathon

Top Sponsors:  John Hancock, Addidas, and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

2.  New York City Marathon, NYC, New York,

     November 4, 2012 — the countdown to the Big Apple. 

Top Sponsors:

The ING NYC Marathon Presented By:

3Midnight Sun Marathon,  Tromsø, Norway,

    June 22, 2013 — the Arctic at almost 70° north under the midnight sun!

Top Sponsors:


4.  St. George Marathon, City of St. George, Utah,

      October 6, 2012 — right around the corner. 


Top Sponsors: NordicTrack.com, Intermountain Sports Medicine – Southwest, Clif Bar, Gatorade

5Big Sur International Marathon, California.,

     April 28, 2013 — awesome views!   


Top Sponsors:

Gatorade2 Runner's World The Barnyard Shopping Village Dole

These are some of the marathons for the seasoned runners with a qualifying performance for the race.   

We chose to travel to the Savannah Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, November 3, 2012 in Savannah, Ga. The American Cancer Society is a top sponsor.  Savannah, est. 1733, was our destination because of the training schedule, the sponsor — hubby is a cancer survivor — and the lure of the southern history, restaurants, and charm. 

If you are a runner; how do you choose a race? 


The race is on for the Savannah Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, November 3, 2012.  Crunch time.  My hubby (hat) and his bro (great hair) are gearing up for the big day.  They have been training for months — at least four.

The 60 day countdown started September 3rd with 10 miles in Rockville Md.

Savannah, Ga. on Saturday, Nov. 3, 2012

View some Savannah Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon updates on Storify!

Are you planning to participate in Savannah — or any other marathons in the future?  If so, why did you choose that particular run?

Life can come at you hard — sometimes. The top stressors in life include death of a loved one, loss of home, loss of job, and divorce. Six years ago I started life over again when my marriage of 25 years suddenly ended. I fought hard to keep my home, my job, and my four kids from falling a part. I used these very simple 3 R’s to overcome my obstacles and succeed:

1. Read. Books, magazines, the internet — anything you can get your hands on — just read. Learning about the stress that you are dealing with and how others have survived can be encouraging. Tom Carder’s book, “Torn Asunder” put my problem into perspective giving me the courage to reinvent myself. Educating yourself and moving forward is the best thing you can do.

2. wRite. Get it out. Regurgitate all of your inner most thoughts and feelings in no logical sense. Notebook, journals, receipts, napkins — are all worthy products to write your feelings. I compiled all of my scribblings into my kid’s old Mickey Mouse folder and may write a great book one day. I also wrote my goals for my career to begin to stabilize my family.

3. Run. Or walk, bike, dance, or just get out and move — every day — for at least an hour. I never ran or had the desire to sweat until I felt alone six years ago. Feeling frumpy, I decided for a total make-over. My passion was fueled. I ran like a maniac and toned up and felt terrific. After three years, I was confident enough to initiate communication with another runner, a cancer survivor, who later became my new husband.

We ran together and built up to 5K’s. He was more passionate about the sport. He set his sight on a marathon. I’ll be his biggest cheerleader.

Life. It can hit you hard. But don’t let stress keep you down. Pick yourself up by your bootstraps and fight back.

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